Georgetown Craft Beer Festival Accessibility Plan

We are excited to have patrons join us once again in-person for Head For The Hills – Georgetown Craft Beer Festival.

Accessibility Plan at the Georgetown Craft Beer Festival. We want to ensure we are accommodating as many individuals as possible and make our Festival experience equitable for all patrons.

1. Accessibility Information:

Patrons are asked to stop by the Festival Entrance for information about the Accessibility Plan as needed. Volunteers can answer questions or direct patrons with disabilities as required. We will direct guests with accessibility concerns to enter via the VIP entrance.

Location: The Festival VIP Entrance area will be easily identifiable with signage. Festival organizers will be hosting training sessions with volunteers prior to the Festival to ensure they provide quality service to persons with disabilities and for them to be informed on all of the aspects of the Accessibility Plan.

Our Accessibility Plan on-site services include, but are not limited to:

  • Answers to questions specific to the Accessibility Plan
  • Information relevant to our patrons with disabilities
  • Requests for accessibility Wristbands
  • Power outlets for recharging powered mobility devices
  • Signage marking all accessible areas in large and clear font

A site map is available for patrons to see the layout of the Festival prior to their attendance.

They can find the sitemap on the Festival website.

2. Services for Patrons with Mobility Disabilities:

Getting to and from the event: Regular School Buses are being used to take guests to and from the event at scheduled times. Guests are asked to contact Festival organizers to discuss any accessible transportation options available that could be pre-arranged for them if needed.

Accessible Parking: Accessible Day Parking is available to those who have the government-issued accessible parking tag. These parking spots will be located close to the entrance of the event and will be clearly marked and identifiable.

Enforcement: The Accessible parking spots are for use by people with mobility disabilities who have proper documentation and a wristband identifying them. Other vehicles will be towed.

Getting around at GCBF

Description of the venue: GCBF is an outdoor Beer Festival. Although there are no big hills, this is rough and rugged terrain that is both grassy and bumpy. There are some gravel roads and pathways and some paved pathways, but much of the travel is over grass. When it rains, the ground can become muddy. There is quite a lot of distance between areas. We ask patrons to please plan accordingly for this terrain and any possible inclement weather.

Power Wheelchairs, Scooters, and Other Devices: The Festival does not provide personal care, push service, or wheelchairs for rent or loan. Wheelchairs, power wheelchairs, and three or four-wheeled scooters are allowed only for use by patrons with mobility disabilities. For safety reasons, requests to use other power-driven mobility devices will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

Charging Mobility Equipment/Devices: We are currently exploring places where these devices can be charged within the Festival grounds. We will provide an update on this as more information becomes available.

Wristbands and Accessible Viewing Sites

Upon arrival, patrons are to let those at the entrance know they will be needing an accessibility wristband. Patrons with mobility impairments can request an accessibility wristband. This wristband is to show Festival staff that the patron plus one companion is eligible to enter the accessible viewing areas.

There will be a viewing platform for our accessible guests to watch the performance near the stage. This will be clearly marked and identifiable with signage. The viewing platform is a 16′ x 8’ flat, bevel-edged, portable, 4” front edge platform that can be easily built and dismantled.

This platform will even out uneven field grass thereby making accessible the front of the stage to view the live performances.

Note: The wristband does not guarantee a spot in these areas. Please note that viewing areas have a limited capacity and are available on a first-come, first-served basis. We cannot save or reserve seats or areas on the platform. Once it’s determined that an accessible viewing area is filled to capacity, the area will not be available for additional entry.

3. Other Accessible Features

Accessible Portable Toilets and Hand Washing Stations: Accessible portable toilets and

hand washing stations are available where other portable toilets are located. Washrooms are located near the entrance of the Festival and to the left of the stage area. The  Accessible Washrooms are large enough for a wheelchair to turn 360 degrees and feature sturdy support rails.

Service Animals: Pets are not allowed within the Festival grounds. However, if patrons have a service animal and are required to have the animal with them in order to attend the festival, we ask that patrons contact us prior to the Festival to let us know so that we can accommodate to our best ability and run through safety information with the patron.

4. Medical Considerations

Syringes: A patron requiring medication that is administered via syringe must bring medication in the prescription packaging with name on the label and a valid photo ID.

Medication: We ask patrons to bring enough prescription medication for personal use only. An excess amount of any medications is not allowed. Medication must be in prescription packaging with prescription label with matching valid photo I.D. Medication may be stored in the refrigerator in the First Aid Tent. We ask that patrons inquire with medical staff about what time they close so they can pick up medication before closing time.

Medical Waste Disposal: Please dispose of medical waste and sharps in the proper disposal at the First Aid Tent. Do not dispose of these things in the trash barrels or in washrooms. We appreciate our patrons’ consideration for our volunteers and staff who handle the trash bags.

Medical Stations: There will be St. Johns Ambulance First Aid onsite at the event that will be located near the Festival entrance. This will be an easily identifiable area marked with signage.

Patrons are asked to visit the First Aid area for any medical ailments or assistance.

Pacemakers or Oxygen Tanks: If a patron uses a pacemaker or oxygen tank, we ask that they send us an email before the start of the Festival to ensure that staff and volunteers are made aware of the situation and we can accommodate them to the best of our ability.

5. Other Access Plan Information

Services That Are Not Provided: Wheelchair push service and personal care attendants are not provided.

Keeping Your Cool: It can still be very hot in September. Patrons will need to plan to keep hydrated and stay healthy. Other things patrons can bring that will help them keep cool: “cooling bandana” or “cooling vest”, sunscreen, personal water spritzer, and hat with a wide brim.

Vendors: If assistance is needed while conducting business with a vendor, request the assistance from the vendor, a member of the Volunteer Team, or any staff person.

Special Dietary Needs: Those who have special dietary needs may bring small amounts of food, for personal use only, into the venue. Factory sealed, non-glass, water bottles, or empty containers to fill at the water stations, are also allowed.

Special Permissions: Those who need permission to bring special items into the venue, should contact us prior to the start of the Festival. Examples include chairs because of medical conditions, small umbrellas because of high sensitivity to sun, food for personal use because of allergies, etc.

6. Future Accessibility Plans

We recognize that Georgetown Craft Beer Festival has room to make our event more accessible and we are committed to improving our Accessibility Plan every year. It is our goal to ensure that the Festival experience is equitable to all those who want to attend. Please feel free to reach out to us at for any recommendations on how we can improve the Festival’s accessibility in the future.

Following the festival we will be surveying attendees, volunteers and vendors on the accessibility of the Festival and get feedback and insight to improve for the future.

Have more questions? Please email us at